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Do you know that sometimes continually using your phone can pay off, and you can earn money online through your smartphone? You would have heard this sentence many times but ever thought how easy this step would be. One can earn easily by an application available in most of the people’s smartphones. That’s ‘INSTAGRAM‘ yes, you read it right.

How Can You Earn Money On Instagram

This social networking site boasts over a billion active users, and half of them (500 million) access it every day. Nowadays, everyone and even their dog is on Instagram. Instagram used to be the younger sister of Facebook, where people used to filter their image. Over the past few years, this platform has evolved as a marketing tool that many businesses and IG influencers are using to reach their audience. A lot of IG influencers have deep pockets because of Instagram. The best thing is you need not to be a model or a celebrity to earn money on Instagram.

How Many Instagram Followers Do You Need To Have To Earn Money?

If by any chance, you are wondering how many followers an Instagrammer needs to start bringing real cash into his pockets, you need postfix a ‘k’ in your followers. Yes, one needs at least over 9,999 followers, then only brands will start to take you seriously. A lot of them will approach you for the paid partnership. By this time, you unlock the feature of ‘swipe up’ in your stories. In other words, you need a follower base to get started.

ow to Make Money on Instagram

This thing also depends on various factors, such as:

  • It all depends on the niche you are in and how easily you can tie the advertised product category (fashion, food, fitness, beauty are among popular niches).
  • How many followers and engaged followers do you have on your profile?
  • Which revenue channel do you choose?

So, one thing is clear; the more followers you have, the more green papers you will earn. Sometimes people even purchase it to grow their audience reach as initially it will take more time and energy to reach the desired followers count.

How To Generate Money From Instagram?

People can make big Green-back on Instagram; a recent report claims that Kylie Jenner, the top most influencer of IG, is paid around $1.5 million for every single post on Instagram. Sounds amazing? Your engagement, followers count, and reputation will make you earn better riches. This thing will also depend on IG content you post and the level of commitment. Let us look at the few strategies to reach the heights of Instagram:

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  1. Become an IG influencer and make money from sponsored ads:

    Influencer marketing is expanding at a whopping rate these days. As per a recent report, 80% of individuals believe word of mouth recommendation. But first thing first to be an influencer, you need to keep several things in your mind that you have to be polite, professional, also make sure that you don’t post or share any discriminatory comments. Engagement and followers are the keys to be an influencer.

    Brands will reward you with more rates than others if you have higher engagements and followers. The most significant categories are fashion, health, and fitness, travel, and cooking. Just to keep you aware of the numbers, there are around 600,000 active influencers on IG. Now we’ll discuss how to get started as IG influencer:

    • Choose your niche:

      if you want to get paid, then love the brands. Make sure you truly love them. Then brands will compare your following with their target market and offer you a paid promotion or sponsored ad. A recent study shows 60 % of brands prefer nano or micro-influencer as they have a primary connection with their followers.

    • Build trust, engage, and grow your audience:

      80 % of influencers have followers between 15,000 to 1,00,000. Don’t be ashamed if you are not there. Yet, you can either buy Instagram followers or start from the initial stage of zero follower base & by posting consistently unique and stylish content on your IG feeds, you can even achieve this target of followers. Your IG profile is your resume. A right IG presence means unique, consistent, and niche-specific images or videos. Please don’t neglect the caption; they are essential too. Brands are always looking for people or influencers who match their style.

    • Actively looking and reaching out to the brands you would like to work with:

      Closely look and maintain the contact with the brands you adore and admire yourself; however, keep this in mind that this thing is highly competitive. Your brand pitch also needs to provide ample compelling details about the target audience and approach.

    • Always Post transparently:

      In America, you are legally bound to make it clear when you are posting an ad. There are specific guidelines American Trade Commission, which requires you to be more visible and accurate about the post. You need to include a brand ‘#’ hashtag in the first three lines or use a paid partnership tag.

  2. Becoming an affiliate:

    Unlike influence or sponsored content, an affiliate strategy is less about generating awareness but to promote sales of a brand. An affiliate link is often a trackable link or a promotion code, and you will receive a commission when a customer clicks on the link and makes a purchase. You can add links to bio or stories. One of the positive sides is that you don’t have to increase brand awareness about the product.

    Affiliate marketing is an art, and one can achieve success if you have a plan of growing your online presence, which includes a website and another medium. Create engaging posts to capture the follower’s attention. Let them know in the caption about the promo codes and the link you have given in bio. Now let us discuss how to get started as an affiliate:

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    • Choose your niche:

      Affiliate marketer niche is way much different than that of an influencer. E.g., they can start as a product reviewer. As an affiliate marketer, you have the Luxury to target your audience with specific requirements. e.g., a car owner who wants deals and guidance on car accessories.

    • Find the merchants you wish to affiliate with:

      One can affiliate with brands either directly or join an affiliate network or maybe both. The affiliate networks are intermediaries between brands that run these affiliate programs and marketers. These networks provide you with a wide range of products. e.g., a handbag purchased from an e-commerce website.

  3. Sell your services and products:

    Over the years, this social media platform has turned into a sales platform. Since people are using it to discover and purchase products, to make the shopping process more comfortable, IG rolls out business account features like shop button, shoppable stickers, and in-app checkout.

    Many people promote it by tagging the product in the image, and this helps users to see the details and price of the product, also a link for your convenience to purchase the product. Turning your followers into customers is all that a company wants. Let us discuss what you have to do in order to sell your products:

    How does instagram make money in 2020

    • Think about your product:

      This thing is essential to know which line of product you’ll be selling to your target audience.

    • Building your product:

      Now that you have to think about what to sell, consider how you’ll make the end product. You need to find a supplier and think about storing, packaging, and dispatching the product. You can even go for dropshipping in which you need not be concerned about the things mentioned above.

    • Set your IG Business account to make it shoppable:

      To use shopping focused features of Instagram such as the explore tab, product tab, shoppable posts/ stories, and in-app checkout, you have to optimize your account to Instagram business account.

    • Build your e-commerce framework:

      Now is the time to set up a website for your business and to provide info about your product to the customers. You can run a few ads for awareness. You also need to design your landing page so that people can complete a purchase.

    • Post products on your feed:

      You can increase the product sales by regular IG posts and stories. Use the Instagram analytics tool to help you reach a wider audience and measure your success.

  4. Be a Brand Ambassador:

    Nowadays, becoming a brand ambassador wants to longer bond with the influencers so they can seek you to promote their business or brand regularly and in a positive light. Instagram is the perfect place for companies to collaborate with the brand ambassador. Many times brands give free products so they can do a review and promote them, which results in more sales of the product. It’s not necessary to be a celebrity. Brands often approach micro-influencers to do that because they have a large number of an engaged audience.

    Now that we have discussed the ways through which one can make green-papers with IG. Let us talk about some tips which you should keep in mind while following the strategies:

    • One must keep an eye on their competitor to gain more engagement. Always come up with a unique approach so that your followers keep hooked to your profile.
    • Never makes a follower wait as it leaves a negative impression. Do make sure you answer their queries timely.
    • Try a professional approach when dealing with a brand or while engaging with your target audience. Never commit them false promises.
    • Using Instagram tools will save much of your time; within days, you will get hooked. There are various tools which if used wisely, can take you to level up from the rest of your competitors. These tools will help you generate reports on account’s performance and edit your videos or images.
    • Promoting yourself on other channels is also necessary; doing it solely by Instagram won’t help you catch a big fish. Using different platforms will widen your reach.


Instagram is growing at a rapid speed and does maintain a high engagement rate. It is much more than an image and video sharing application. Brands spend an excessive amount on their product marketing budgets.

This thing might be the reason why Instagram provides you with an excellent opportunity for people and brands to capture the audience and monetize it quickly. With so many business opportunities opening every day, one can easily make a 6-7 figure income.

It’s a saying that “fortune favors the bold.” You also need to think beyond your 9-5 job to earn handsome earnings from Instagram. Remember, one has to pull out all the stops to reach the heights of Instagram.

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