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How To Increase Your Social Media Presence?

According to the estimates and data the total number of people using social media in 2017 is around 2.46 billion out of 7.6 billion of world population that is about 32.3% of the world population. This data clearly shows the amazing reach and influence social media as a whole holds in the world. Social media includes major players like facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat, linkedin, pinterest etc. The world is going through a plethora of changes, and with the emerge of internet it has really become a very small place. Where people irrelevant of their nationality, cast, creed and ethnicity are connected to each other like never before.

The whole dynamics of the market has changed with the emerge of social media. The consumer behaviour has shifted to the trends that are circulating around different social media channels. And the choice of all the items be it necessity or luxury are now decided on the factors that rule the social media. The whole rules of the game have changed and new dynamics has emerged through social media, gone are the days when people only followed movie stars and sportsmen for all the procurement. Now a new breed of market changers have emerged known as the ‘Influencers’.

Influencers are people who have a substantial number of people following them on different social media platforms in their particular niche. And they possess a great deal of influence on these followers mindset and impact the purchasing mentality of the followers. The crux of today’s social media scenario is that if you are an influencer you have a great potential in the eyes of corporate and business powerhouses.

Increase Your Social Media Presence

Increase Your Social Media Presence

So The Question That Pops Out In Everyone’s Mind Is How To Be An Influencer And Increase My Social Presence?

The reason that makes any influencer or a social media magnet is because of the one deciding factor ‘followers’,. It is all because of the number of people following that person that catapults, him to become a social media star or influencer. In a nutshell whosoever has the power of followers is the ultimate king, the star lord of the social media galaxy. Now increasing the number of followers is a complex yet easy thing, it is complex for people who are unable to understand its dynamics. While it is easy for the individuals who have understood the secrets to its glory. But the truth of the matter is any one can be a social media star, anyone can devour its treasures and reap to the bounty it offers. Here are some steps that would take you closer to attaining social media triumph.

1. Identify your Niche:

To be a successful influencer or social media magnet, the first thing which should be done is to select the niche that you want enter. Selecting the correct niche is very important initial step towards social media laurel. This selection would decide the type of audience or followers you would have. You should fist identify your, strengths and expertise, the subject or genre in which you have substantial knowledge and apprehension. If you identify the correct niche and target audience you have your half battle won.

2. Post Quality content and posts:

The second step towards building an ever growing followers base is to post quality, informative and entertaining content regularly for you niche. To keep the audience waiting for the next feed and thus creating a wow factor for your post, and thus luring more followers through their follower’s base.

3. Tag the influencers of your Niche and related niches:

Another trick to be a social media tycoon is to tag the influencers of your niche and related niches and do comment positively on their feeds and posts, suggesting with positive inputs and references. This would automatically attract the audiences from their feeds to your post and profile and thus you would have an increased follower’s base.

4. Make use of # Hastags:

Hastags are the cool things these days; if social media is fashion then they are the new black. Use relevant, and only relevant hastags to you post. Hastag every event and celebrity in your niche and see the difference it makes on your followers count.

5. Engage and Interact with your followers:

Ultimately we all are humans and humans like to be heard to, so whenever possible interact with your follower, and try to reply to their every comment wherever and whenever possible, this would create a more human aura of you and people would be more attached and attracted to you and this would greatly increase your social media popularity.

6. Each social media platform should be given importance:

Social media is a collection of various platforms, be it facebook, instagram, snapchat or twitter, each has a regular and substantial user base, and each platform gives you the opportunity to connect with the followers and create a Influencer in you. So each and every social media medium in which you are active, should be tackled with the same intensity and manner, so that the followers increase happens in each and every medium for you.

7. Avoid controversial subject and posts:

The worst thing that you can do to your social media profile, is by getting into a controversy, or controversial subjects and posts of political, religious or regional matter, this would only mean trouble for you, and not only it makes you lose potential followers, tarnishes your image but there is very strong possibility of your accounts on social media mediums getting banned. So the best way is to stay away from controversial statements’ and matters.

8. Buy Followers if necessary:

Social media is a great paymaster, and people have made a fortune form these mediums, the whole crux of this deal is the followers count, it is the number of people that follow you decide the status of your social media influence, so increasing the number is the key to all this, while by following the points given above there is every possibility of followers being increased, if still the rate of success in getting followers is slow, you can try the option of buying the social media followers from legitimate sites, as when you buy the followers, the increased followers count on your account, tends to give the feeling of a credible account. Which is a natural lure for the organic traffic and thus your followers count would, definitely increase.

Thus we see form the above said points, that followers form the backbone of being the social media celebrity or influencer. So to be a social media success story, if all these points and a mix of creativity and positive attitude is added there is no stopping your run to capture the social media crown, and enjoy the heap of benefits, excitement and glory it carries. All the best.

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