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The Secret To Celebrities And Their Social Media Nexus

Celebrities And Their Effect On Masses

Celebrities have always been the eye candy of masses. People across all ages and time have been head over heels for the people famous in their respective fields. In ancient rome people were fascinated by the gladiators and tried to imitate the gladiators and their style. Women used to secretly admire these fighters. In early England also people used to go crazy for the knights and used to follow all their moves ad style and all these warriors carried a great weight in the society. Thus we get the idea that people loved the famous people, at all times across all ages. In the dark ages templers were the new heroes and in the world war time soldiers became the new idols.

The mind of the people always needed someone to idolize and they found solace in these idols form their daily mundane work. Post world war II, new age of celebrities was born in the field of cinema and sports, which was not the case earlier. With the invention of cinema, television and radio people were suddenly exposed to a new form of pleasure and soon they were consumed by its gaze and glory.

The stars featuring in these movies became stars and people started to follow their style. Even singers, sportsmen and actors became the new celebrity materials and all the focus was shifted towards them, they were the new demi gods and started to act like them also. But at this time the social media was not there and hence people as well as the celebrities were unaware about the enormous volcano that was about to burst and change the dynamics of celebrity fan relationship forever.

Birth Of Social Media And The Effect On Celebrities

The rise of the 20th century was the rise of science and technology, and human race was subject to the most rapid change it has ever imagined or seen. The first computers were created in 1940s, and scientist started to create network between these machines and this was the birth of social media, the earliest of internet was created in 1960s.

The first media site was created in 1997 by the name 6 degrees and in 1999 first blogging was done. After that it expoded, in 2000 linkdin and myspace came in to existence, and in 2005 youtube created a sensation that the world has never seen. And by the birth of facebook in 2006 the whole face of the world was about to change forever. People were now exposed to a completely new and amazing form of social media that they had never seen and began to go crazy over it and facebook slowly became the world leader and went on to have 2 billion followers. People were now occupied in this new found love and were hopelessly addicted to it.

The people who were most effect by this new sensation were celebrities. They were not the people’s fist love and also a new wave of celebrities started to emerge “social media celebrities”, these new age celebrities were not as successful as actors and some were not even in movies or sang or played, they were just famous on social media and people were in love with them, this was something like awaking slap for the famous movie actors and other media players and they were astonished by the success, fame and money these social media stars were making. And thus all the celebrities now understood the importance of social media and presence on it. And so ever one became conscious for the social media presence and popularity.

Successful Use Of Social Media And Increase In Celebrity Popularity And Income

Today people are aware about the potential of social media hence they take the social media very seriously. And why not if you look at the earning these stars get on one post would make think the very validity of your existence on earth, here are some figures to make your heart pound.

  • SELENA GOMEZ – £500,000 per post
  • KYLIE JENNER – £200000 per post
  • BEYONCE – £800000 per post
  • GIGI HADID – £250000 per post
  • CARA DELEVINGNE – £240,000 per post
  • KENDALL JENNER – £250,000 per post

These are just a few examples of the power of the social media. Now if you notice kylie jenner and kendall jenner both are not established actress or singers or player for that matter, they are only co-actors in the reality show keeping up with the khardhashains, but they are earning more than many so called hollywood stars or musical sensations, the secret is simple, social media strategy. They used social media smartly for their benefit and are now enjoying the fruit of its labour.

Thus is becomes very clear that the modern day celebrity is very much depended on the social media and its usage. The, more the follower count the more the affiliate income, hence the social media is the key player in today’s celebrity management and also. The choice of choosing the celebrity is changing in the people, it all depends upon how much weight you carry in your social media account it all boils down to this.

The Logical And Practical Conclusion

Ultimately it all boils down to the conclusion that social media is the today’s celebrity decider, and the popularity of the star is solely depended upon the number of followers one has. Celebrities are making money through their number of followers, so the point is pretty clear the more the followers the more the popularity. The more the popularity the more the money you get for posting, so in this world of social media the definition of celebrity has definitely changed. And so is the earning mechanisms, now its social media that creates wealth for you and the one who has the most followers is in true sense the true celebrity and a true star.

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